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Street Fighter 5 Server Maintenance Today, Will Be Starting Halloween Sale

If you own a copy of Street Fighter 5, you may have noticed that you can’t log into the game’s servers. This is because some Street Fighter 5 server maintenance has taken the servers down for a little while, from 10 AM to 6 PM, Pacific Time. This maintenance should also signal the start of the game’s Halloween sale.

The sale, which will allow players to buy special Halloween costumes for the game’s characters, will run from tonight, October 11, to November 29, closer to the end of the year. These costumes will also come with a special Halloween stage, so your characters of choice can beat the snot out of one another in an appropriately festive setting.

Once the Street Fighter 5 server maintenance is done, players will be able to buy various costumes like Ryu in a set of ghostly samurai armor, Necalli as a werewolf, Vega as Zorro, Cammie as a zombie bride, a Frankenstein version of Charlie Nash, and more.

All seven of these costumes can be bought for 3.99, which also includes ten different colors that you can personalize them with.

The special arena that players will be able to fight in to get into the holiday spirit is actually an altered version of the Underground Arena stage in the game. The arena can be purchased for 1.99, or if you don’t want to spend real money, you can pay 40,000 fight money instead.

Before the Street Fighter 5 server maintenance started today, the costumes and the new stage were free to try out at New York Comic Con, which wrapped up this past weekend. Now, as soon as the server maintenance is over, you can go and grab the costumes yourself and have some spooky fights throughout the rest of October, so long as you get them in and the arena the two-month long sale.