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Live Action GTA Short Shows What It Would Really Be Like

One bright side of open-world games (and video games in general) is that it provides a bit of escapism, to allow us to do things that we normally wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

However, Corridor Digital, a film company that makes shorts about video games, has made a live action GTA short that shows what someone like Trevor from Grand Theft Auto 5 would be like in the real world.

If you’ve played GTA 5, then you’d know that out of the three maladjusted protagonists of the game, Trevor is definitely the craziest. Constantly seen committing crimes and killing people, Trevor’s madness even goes into a sidequest category of killing certain groups of bandits.

In Corridor Digital’s live action GTA short, Trevor (amusingly played by his actual voice actor Steven Ogg), is actually one of the least crazy parts of the short. After getting a virtual reality headset, the short’s protagonist is thrust into the madness of Los Santos, including NPCs who can’t drive, constant violence, overzealous police, and the general chaos that comes up in a game like Grand Theft Auto.

The madness that surrounds the protagonist as he tries to survive in Los Santos isn’t anything surprising, however; as a pastiche of America and Hollywood in general, Grand Theft Auto doesn’t do anything subtly, and the short is no exception, especially when it comes to a madhouse like Los Santos.

With people murdering one another in the streets, modders wearing functioning Iron Man suits, tanks rolling through the city crushing cars and blasting people, and everything else that happens not just in the game’s single-player but also its multiplayer mode, you’ll probably be glad that we don’t live in the Grand Theft Auto world on a daily basis.

If you want to see Corridor Digital’s live action GTA short for yourself, look up at the top of the page.