New Clash of Clans Update Adds Bomb Towers, Friendly Wars

A new Clash of Clans update is going to be coming soon, and will be adding a new structure and a new game mode for players to have fun with in one of the most popular mobile games currently on the market. These include bomb towers, and what the game calls “Friendly Wars”.

Bomb Towers are a new kind of defense that provide an explosive new defense against mass-attack troops, enemies that are are either too weak or too strong, but can be deployed in large numbers.

Not only will they throw bombs at attacking enemies, but when a Bomb Tower is destroyed, it will explode, dealing a large amount of damage to the enemies around it. These will help balance mass attack troops. Bomb Towers are only available after your town center has gotten to level 8.

Supercell, the developers of Clash of Clans, have also gone into detail on the other notable part on the Clash of Clans update, mainly the concept of “Friendly Wars.” Friendly Wars are a more friendly kind of war in the game, where you can challenge a certain clan to a war to see if you or your opponent can destroy one another’s town successfully.

Interestingly enough, the Friendly War is pretty much just that. While your armies will suffer casualties during the attack, you don’t lose any soldiers in the fighting, and you won’t lose any gold or structures, either. The only thing you’ll lose or gain is a sense of pride at beating your opponent.

The Clash of Clans update is still a ways off, as it hasn’t been added to the game yet, but the Bomb Tower will hopefully allow players to better defend their fortresses from enemies, and Friendly Wars will offer the opportunity to test your defenses against those of your friends.