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WWE 2K17 Controls Trailer Shows Control Scheme For Players

One thing that can be associated with fighting games of all descriptions is that their control schemes can be fairly complicated if you want to pull off a specific move. From the infamous “The One” combo from The Matrix: Path of Neo to any Street Fighter control scheme, thankfully a WWE 2K17 controls trailer has simplified the control scheme.

The trailer narrated by a member of the game’s development teams, walks you through the basic control schemes for the game, ranging from basic movement to entering and exiting the ring, to combat including strikes and grappling, all helped out by the game’s versions of John Cena and AJ Styles.

Aside from the heresy of John Cena getting worked, the WWE 2K17 controls trailer goes into detail on every sort of move that you can use in the game, and the buttons that you need to press in order to do it, such as turning the right thumbstick to the correct part of a circle in order to successfully make your opponent tap out.

WWE 2K16 gained a reputation among 2K fans for being a rather complicated and finnicky game to learn, with its split-second reversal system, difficult controls, and gameplay that did not feel good as you struggled to properly play the game.

This is especially galling considering that otherwise, WWE 2K16’s graphics and presentation and intros were better than ever, along with its character creator.

While WWE 2K16 ended up getting mixed reviews from many game reviewers, hopefully the WWE 2K17’s controls trailer will allow you to learn the controls properly before the game comes out tomorrow, October 11, for Playstation and Xbox consoles and PC.

If you want to take a look at the WWE 2K17 controls trailer for yourself, all you have to do is look at the top of this page to see it for yourself.