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Square Enix Asks If You’d Like A Nier Edition PS4 In New Poll

Nier was seen as one of the best games on the Playstation 3 when it came out, and with Nier Automata coming out soon, Square Enix has recently started a poll asking if players would like to have a Nier edition PS4 to play, and if they would buy it if one did come out.

The poll, which was posted on the Nier PR Twitter account, had four different options: “I’d buy one”, “I’d buy two,” “I’d buy one and a Pro”, and “I wouldn’t buy it.” The “I’d buy one” option won a resounding 51 percent of the votes, so if the poll was serious, rather than just a PR gimmick, players that are big fans of Nier may be getting a Nier edition PS4.

Nier Automata has already been getting a great deal of promotional merchandise around it, ranging from shirts and mugs to a special “black box” edition of the game that includes a variety of other accessories, including a statuette of one of the main characters, the android 2B.

Considering that Nier; Automata is being developed by character action masters Platinum Games, the game may be a fairly successful one for Square Enix, especially since the original game already got fairly good marks for its combat and magic system.

With the gameplay that we already saw through trailers, and going by Platinum’s track record with other combat and weapon-focused games such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and the Bayonetta games, there’s a lot of promise in the new Nier game, even though it’s a style new to the studio.

Nier Automata will be releasing in Japan on February 23 of next year on the Playstation 4 and PC, but there’s no idea of when the game will get a release in the rest of the world aside from the rough date of 2017. A Nier edition PS4 may even be some kind of premium offer for fans.