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New Overwatch PTS Patch Expected To Go Live Tomorrow

New and exciting changes to Overwatch have been in the news for a few days and hot on the heels of leaked information about upcoming hero Sombra are rumors of a new Overwatch PTS patch.

Overwatch’s public test server went offline yesterday and in the past the server has always been taken offline in order to deploy a new major patch. With reports of the Halloween themed event starting soon, it is possible that this Overwatch PTS patch might be the one that will launch the event.

Some recent leaked images shared on Reddit also seem to indicate that the patch will go live on test servers on 12th October. The images showing the Halloween themed event suggests the event will last till 1st November.

The leaked images were taken from PC Bang, a Korean notice board for internet gaming which is also partnered with Blizzard so this might be more than just a rumor. According to the notice board, the patch will be above 1.7GB in download and will launch the Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein Halloween event.

Yesterday there were rumors of Sombra the hacker, the next free hero to be introduced in Overwatch, to be unveiled on 18th October but with the news of this new Overwatch PTS patch, it is likely that the character will get an early debut on public test servers with a proper release planned for 18th.

Similar to the Summer Olympic Games event, the Halloween themed one will most probably have unique lootboxes with themed emotes, skins, voice lines and other various customization items which can only be acquired during the event.

The Zomnics and Dr.Junkenstein’s Evil Allies is also expected to be a new Brawl mode in place of Lucio Ball where players will fight against waves of AI at different difficulties.

The Overwatch PTS patch is expected to go live tomorrow at 3pm Korean time according to the leak.