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Female Morgan Yu Trailer Comes Out For Prey 2017

A new Prey 2017 trailer featuring a female Morgan Yu has been released on YouTube, showing a new feature in the game (mainly that we will be able to play as either a male or a female main character when the game releases next year). However, the change isn’t as noticeable as you think.

A female Morgan Yu isn’t really that far-fetched; Morgan is a gender-neutral name after all. All the same, it doesn’t seem like there will be any difference in how the game plays, simply giving you a new gender and a new voice. All the same, that may be a good thing; some people may applaud the game for being more progressive or something.

It’s also something of a step up from the original Prey game that came out in 2006, which only had a single gender option for the protagonist.

Other than that, however, the female Morgan Yu trailer doesn’t really do anything new. Aside from the new dialogue track recorded in the voice of the female Morgan Yu, the trailer is the exact same as another gameplay trailer released by Arkane several months ago.

Morgan Yu’s new voice gives two audiolog entries, talking about nightmares she’d been having about “the blackness between the stars”, how they’ve infested the station and that if even one of them gets out then humanity is doomed.

The combat gameplay is also entirely the same, with Yu fighting the same enemies, using the same tools, and more. Hopefully Arkane will give us a new trailer at some point and show off new gameplay.

Prey 2017 is supposed to be coming out sometime next year on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but for the moment we have no concrete release date and no real indication of what, exactly, the game is about beyond “shadow monsters have invaded a space station.” While the similarity to System Shock might be appreciated, I’d personally still like some more details.