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11 Gigabyte WWE 2K17 Update Will Be Necessary On Day One

If you’re one of those lucky few that have gotten the game early, you may have noticed that a WWE 2K17 update is already necessary, mainly the 11 gigabyte update that will become necessary to download on day one, tomorrow. This brings the size of the game up to 58 gigabytes, a hefty chunk of memory.

The update hasn’t had any patch notes released for it by 2K Games, but according to the update history section of the Playstation 4 the WWE 2K17 update mainly fixed minor bugs and improved the game’s stability. We also don’t know if the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game are going to be getting the same kind of patch.

Day One patches for major games by this point are essentially expected by this point, to the point that it’s atypical when a game doesn’t have them, such as Final Fantasy 15, where the game was delayed to fix the game so that it wouldn’t have to have a day one patch.

Hopefully the WWE 2K17 update isn’t indicative of what the game will have to have for every patch and update, but considering the amount of DLC that’s coming with the game we may be seeing a good number of patches.