Destiny’s Wrath of The Machine Raid Boss Killed Without Firing Any Weapon

Destiny’s latest raid, Wrath of the Machine has only been out for a short while and hardcore Destiny players have already managed to defeat the final boss Aksis without using their guns.

The entire Wrath of the Machine raid run required a full fireteam of Sunsinger Warlocks who managed to complete the final boss encounter against Aksis by just using their melee attacks, grenades and Supers. Since it’s not easy to melee a boss, the fireteam mostly focused on taking out the additional spawned enemies in the encounter with their melee attacks.

To take out Aksis, basically what they did was activate their Super ability and then started throwing Fusion grenades at Aksis during the damage phase. The full boss fight can be seen here on Youtube.

Of course not using guns doesn’t mean a single bullet was fired during the fight. Since the fight mechanics require weapon usage, the fireteam had to use weapons like the Scorch Cannons to take down the Servitors that contain the SIVA Charge.

The fireteam however stayed true to their self-imposed challenge and didn’t fire the cannons on any other enemy or the boss while making sure that they also never fired their equipped weapons.

The fight required some clever use of the red plates scattered across the room. An Empowered Guardian can slam red plate to grant the entire fireteam their full Super bar instantly. This way the team managed to keep their grenade barrage always up.

This challenge was done on Normal mode of Wrath of the Machine raid which is a feat in itself but whether the same team will be able to replicate this when it comes to Heroic mode in the future remains to be seen as the harder difficulty of the raid will unlock on 18th.

Destiny players love to challenge themselves in the game by accomplishing similar seemingly impossible feats. Recently, another group of players completed the entire raid without dying even once, while having just three Guardians in the fireteam.