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Star Citizen Planetary Gameplay Showcased In New Gameplay Demo, Squadron 42 Details Revealed

Chris Roberts’ Cloud Imperium Games hosted its Citizencon presentation today, and during the presentation the developers revealed some very interesting stuff including the singleplayer for the game and some spectacular gameplay footage showcasing Star Citizen planetary gameplay with giant worms and more.

The singleplayer portion of the game is titled Squadron 42, which will include 28 chapters with over 60 missions, A-list cast, 340 speaking characters which were capture through state of the art mocap, the story contains almost 1255 pages of dialogue, 40 distinct spaceships.

Also the environments in the game are handcrafted and enhanced with procedural generation, players will be able to dog fight in space and in the planetary atmosphere and AI for the game is fully systematic with 24 hour schedules and has more than one thousand subroutines with simultaneous secondary objectives.

However, Squadron 42 will not be available this year as this singleplayer module for Star Citizen is just announced, but the developers plan to showcase a full singleplayer mission by the end of this year.

Now to the more interesting part, during the presentation the developers showcased Star Citizen planetary gameplay demo which is absolutely impressive. The demo showcases the planetary environment of a planet, and according to the developers, the whole planetary environment is actually spherical, and the horizons are very natural, so much that players can see as far as they can in the real world.

The gameplay demo shown during the presentation also showcased the first person shooting module and the AI is also smart. The gameplay demo also showcased a giant worm coming out of the ground and it was really impressive.

Star Citizen is a space simulator game in development at Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows and Linux.