New Overwatch Character Sombra To Be Revealed On 18th October According To Leak

According to yet another leaked piece of information, new Overwatch character Sombra might be coming soon to the game with an unveiling expected around 8th October.

A few days ago, game director Jeff Kaplan talked about adding new content to Overwatch and many fans hoped it would be the new Overwatch character Sombra which Blizzard has been teasing for many months, even before they released Ana.

The leaked information was shared on the Overwatch reddit and seems to come from an internal Blizzard document and was unearthed by a Russian Overwatch group.

The document features an image of a new character carrying a SMG and the name Sombra alongside some backstory that suggests she is “one of the world’s best and most notorious hackers”. Judging by the document and this Sombra ARG teaser site, she might currently work for or has worked for the Mexican gang Los Muertos, shown in the animated short “Hero”.

From the looks of the teaser website, it seems like some sort of data packet is being unpacked with the percentage counter above 85% right now which has led fans to calculate its completion date from the speed it has been progressing at.

Because of that, people are of the view that 18th October is when the website will unlock and Blizzard will officially unveil the new Overwatch character Sombra.

The leaked document also suggests the addition of a new brawl mode “Zomnics and Dr. Junkenstein’s evil allies” which seems to have multiple difficulties.

This new mode is also expected to be unveiled on or around 18th October as there have been previous leaks about a Halloween themed event similar to the Summer Olympic Games. A new comic also leaked recently suggesting the Halloween event with Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein.

The addition of Sombra will mark the 2nd free character released in Overwatch with the support sniper Ana being the first. Whether a new free map similar to the release of Eichenwalde is coming in the new update is unclear.