Watch Noctis Do Fishing In This New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Demo

During Barcelona Games World, game director Hajime Tabata hosted a stage presentation and showed some Final Fantasy XV gameplay showcasing fishing, Chocobos and more.

The presentation was recorded by YouTuber Josep Carceller. The Final Fantasy XV gameplay showcases how players can do fishing in the game, game’s beautiful environments and more.

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While the game is just over a month away from launch, Square Enix has filed a new trademark, Luminous Studio Pro. The trademark was filed by Square Enix on September 12th within the classes 9 for games, 41 for online games and 42 for design for software. This new trademark is also different from from the filing that was made by Square Enix back in 2012 for Luminous Studio.

It could be the new version of Luminous Engine, which is used to develop Final Fantasy XV. Also this is not the first time that Luminous Studio Pro has come up, as in one of the latest “World of Wonders” trailers the name appears at the end.

Also Square Enix has announced that a World Of Final Fantasy demo will be coming to Japanese PlayStation consoles between October 17 and October 24. Also the demo will not be the part of the final game, and is only intended to showoff the game to the fans.

Final Fantasy XV will be releasing in late November for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, however, PC version of for the game has been hinted by the game director, but also said that don’t expect it to be ported soon, as it would take almost a year and a lot of work.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to launch on November 29, 2016 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.