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Mafia 3 Album Covers Locations Guide

Mafia 3 collectibles are not easy find as they are scattered throughout the map on different locations. The easiest of ways to grab what you want to hack into junction boxes that would reveal every collectible in the vicinity.

However, hacking into all of the junction boxes takes time so those who would like to get things done quickly, we have all the locations you need to visit. One of the collectibles we have in the game are Mafia 3 Album Covers but sadly there is no achievement for it but still, a collector doesn’t think like that.

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Mafia 3 Album Covers Locations

Album Cover #1
Delray Hollow – When you are out to kill Deacon Caruso during Kincaid’s Smack Racket, you will come across the back of a garage, opposite a white truck. The album cover is inside.

Album Cover #2
Delray Hollow – Deep Dive Bar & Lounge has one in the back office in a filing cabinet.

Album Cover #3
Delray Hollow – In the back office of Delray Hollow’s Warm Hearts neighborhood. You will visit this place during Smack Racket.

Album Cover #4
River Row – Go to Fresh Crab shack and look for the album look for a stack of boxes inside. The album is nearby.

Album Cover #5
River Row – Back of Shooter’s Bar.

Album Cover #6
Barclay Mills – Go to the Double Barrel Bar and find the magazine on a table near the front door.

Album Cover #7
Barclay Mills – Go to the Barclay Mills railway turntable and you will come across a blue trailer. The cover is inside, you can grab it during “The Dead Stay Gone.”

Album Cover #8
Barclay Mills – During Frankie’s Blackmail racket you will come across a building with staircase. The cover is inside amongst a bunch of trash.

Album Cover #9
Tickfaw Harbor – Counter inside Joey’s All-American Diner.

Album Cover #10
Tickfaw Harbor – Go to the rail depot of this district, break down the door to find the cover inside.

Album Cover #11
Frisco Fields – Go to the residentiel area and look for a green garage. Open the door or kick the back door in for quicker access.

Album Cover #12
Frisco Fields – In the same area there is another garage with a trailer parked in from. Album is on a workbench inside.

Album Cover #13
French Ward – Under a bench near the Griffen Filling station and the record store.

Album Cover #14
Southdowns – Dark basement of Auto Service Station in the area.

Album Cover #15
Southdowns – Go to the lavish residentiel area and look for a mansion in the south with an open garage door. The cover is inside the garage on a workbench.

Album Cover #16
Southdowns – Second floor of Hangar 13.

Album Cover #17
Bayou Fantom – Behind the counter in the Double Barrel Bar.

Album Cover #18
Bayou Fantom – Corner shelf of Shooter’s Bar kitchen.

Note: This guide is a work in progress so more Mafia 3 Album Covers locations will be added later.