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Two Lizard Squad Members Charged For Holiday 2014 DDoS Attack And Other Criminal Activities

Some of you must have gotten familiar with the Lizard Squad by now, specially if you are one of those who were affected by the DDOS attack on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in 2014.

However, some of the culprits behind this attack were arrested and in Finland, Julius Kivimaki was convicted for over 50,000 counts of cyber-crime, including harassment, fraud, and data breaches. This past Wednesday, two 19 year old Lizard Squad members were charged in Chicago with conspiring to cause damage to protected computers.

These two members namely Zachary Buchta of Fallston, Md and Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy of Leiden worked under the monikers of “Lizard Squad” and “PoodleCorp”. Also these two were involved in way more than the inconvenience they caused to gamers in Holiday 2014.

Both hackers were involved with, a website that allowed its customers to make harassing phone calls from a fake number. After that, these hackers were involved with housands denial-of-service attacks, which targeted various gaming, entertainment and media sphere companies.

According to the criminal complaint filed against them, these two were are involved with other members of Lizard Squad to run other cyber-attack-for-hire websites and trafficked stolen payment card account information for thousands of victims.

The Federal court has also ordered to seize the four domains,,,, and, as the court believes that these domains are highly connected with the aforementioned criminal activities.

However, these two Lizard Squad members have only been charged with these criminal activities, and before any sentence is given these hackers will have to be proven guilty.

Source: Gameinformer