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Wrath Of The Machine Heroic Mode Raid Scheduled To Unlock On 18th October in Destiny

Wrath of the Machine heroic mode is coming to Destiny: Rise of Iron pretty soon. The increased difficulty mode for the raid will be available for players to take part in starting from 18th October.

While Rise of Iron may not have been praised by critics as much as the previous expansion, The Taken King, was loyal fan base is still sticking with the game and enjoying the new raid, especially since it is the only way to get the Exotic pulse rifle, Outbreak Prime.

Wrath of the Machine heroic mode is also the only way in the game, at least for now, to reach the new level cap as the raid drops gear up to Light level 400.

Although this might be the only way to get max gear right now, Bungie will undoubtedly update the other activities in the game such as Trials of Osiris as well for players to acquire end-game gear.

The release of the new update on 18th October to unlock Wrath of the Machine heroic mode doesn’t mean that the raid will not see any other future content.

Bungie has mentioned earlier that the raid will go through another refresh at some point to introduce raid boss challenges but completing them should reward players handsomely.

In order to be ready for the increased difficulty raid, players will need to either do the raid on normal difficulty to acquire some gear and boost their Light level or they can take part in the Iron Banner tournament running right now to get some decent legendary gear.

Despite rumors of a Destiny sequel picking up speed, Bungie is still focused on releasing various themed updates and events for the shared world MMO shooter. With the start of November, players will be able to take part in the annual Halloween event while another update including Sparrow Racing is planned for December.