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Sony: PlayStation VR Will Have Non-Gaming Applications

The launch of PlayStation VR is just around the corner and a lot of games will be available for the VR headset at launch, like Rise Of The Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration edition and more.

While the general consensus about the VR headset is that it will only function as a gaming device, but according to SIE Worldwide Studios chairman, PlayStation VR will also have non-gaming applications.

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Speaking with IGN, Shawn Layden confirmed that non-gaming applications will also be available for PlayStation VR. According to him, consumers will not see it coming, while Sony’s Worldwide Studios does develops games, but there is a lot of interest for other forms of entertainments.

You probably won’t see that coming from our Worldwide Studios, because that’s not what we do. We do games… but there’s a lot of interest from the film and television arts community.

He further revealed that their “sisters at Sony Pictures Entertainment have a whole team spun up around VR and we’ve talked to Sony Music as well”, highlighting that upcoming music videos and movies could be available for PlayStation VR.

He also added that Sony has been in talks with a group well-known TV showrunners a few months ago to let them try out the device. He said the response they received was that this VR headset just blows away the narrative and resulted in the question “What’s the concept of linear storytelling in a VR experience where I can’t necessarily force the viewer to go this way or go that way, or listen to this person or listen to that person?”.

PlayStation VR is scheduled to launch on October 13, and Resident Evil 7 demo will also be available for the VR headset, also the Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 7 VR support will be a one year exclusive to PS VR.