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League of Legends Replays Are Now Finally Coming To League

One thing that Riot Games has been advertising for a while is League of Legends replays, where players could record their matches and replay them for posterity. Riot announced their coming in a post today, and said that the next League season would be when the function would be added to the game.

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Players had previously been forced to use third-party software and websites to record their League games, while they had been asking for the ability to make official League of Legends replays for several years.

The League of Legends replays will be downloadable from the “End Game” screen, where you can then watch them in the game’s official Replay mode. While you watch them, you’ll be acting as if you’re a spectator in the game, so if you want to follow a specific character you can watch them the entire time, and see what they were doing throughout the match.

You can also capture specific clips to use as highlights, using the Annotated Timeline function that marks things like towers being destroyed, kills being scored, and dragon/baron kills. All of these highlights will be saved onto your hard drive, so all you have to do is find the League of Legends folder, and the Highlights folder inside of it.

The League of Legends replays announcement are only the latest in a group of new announcements that have been hotly anticipated in the past few weeks, including the return of the game’s solo queue (after being delayed for a time), team-branded in-game combat, and the addition of crowdfunding in the Worlds prize pool.

The next season starts on November 6, so you only have around a month to wait until you can start recording your matches and showing your friends how good you did throughout the match, or how good some of your teammates did in it.