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Hangar 13 Is Working On Increasing Mafia 3 PC Version Framerate

With Mafia 3 coming out on essentially every platform in existence in eight hours, reviewers are now starting to get copies of the game to do reviews on before it releases. Unfortunately, it seems that the Mafia 3 PC version isn’t living up to the expectations of PC gamers, with a framerate locked at 30 FPS.

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PC gamers place a lot more emphasis on resolution and framerate than console gamers, mainly because it allows them to push their PC’s hardware to its limits without being held back by the system architecture that limits the framerate and resolution on console games. However, the Mafia 3 PC version seemed to have been limited to the console framerate, which many PC gamers have criticized.

However, Hangar 13 recently released a statement on the official Mafia 3 website. In that message, they said that they were working on a PC update that would help to increase the framerate. While there’s no release date for the update, Hangar 13 has said that PC players can expect it very soon.

They have also said that the studio is considering a variety of post-launch improvements that will allow the game to be playable for PC players with different rigs.

The Mafia 3 PC version wasn’t too intensive to begin with, but there are still some people that may want to play it on PC that won’t be able to on account of their graphics cards and processors not being up to the task.

Mafia 3 comes out tomorrow, October 7, on Xbox and Playstation consoles, along with the PC, Mac, and Linux consoles. If you’re one of those people that wants to play the Mafia 3 PC version, I recommend that you at least wait for a while longer before you buy the game off of Steam or wherever you plan on buying it from, if you want to download the framerate update immediately.