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Battlefield 1 Spectator Mode Announced, A Tool To Capture Epic Battles

DICE just keeps on amazing all of us, first with the breathtaking visuals of Battlefield 1, and now the developer has announced something more exciting for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In a blog post, EA announced Battlefield 1 Spectator mode, for capturing in-game videos and screenshots.

The Battlefield 1 spectator mode will be available for the game at launch. Now this mode features multiple options, one of them is “Director’s camera” that follows an individual soldier and locks onto the player’s movement, while the spectator will be able to adjust the camera angle and position.

Furthermore, Battlefield 1 spectator mode also features a “Free Camera”. What it actually does is that it allows users to place multiple camera across the battlefield and the user will be able to switch between them, also the settings for each camera can be adjusted individually.

Also players will be allowed to tinker with Field Of View and Depth Of Field settings for the spectator mode. “A low FOV value of 30 is a good choice for close-up action shots”. Also adjusting the depth of field value allows players to control things like camera blur.

There are also filters that players will be able to use, including noir, and each has a strength slider that lets players fine-tune their shots further.

Also there will be option for hiding the HUD in the spectator mode, so you can film the epic battles without any hindrance.

Nvidia has always been on the front line in PC gaming, as the release for the Battlefield 1 is getting closer, Nvidia has released its GeForce 373.06 WHQL Drivers for a smoother gaming experience for Nvidia card owners and also brings SLI support for Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1 is scheduled to launch on October 21, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Also the Battlefield 1 EA Access demo will become available on October 13, and players will be able to play the game until they hit the ten hours time limit.