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Surprise! Gears Of War 4 Runs Great On PC

With Xbox Play Anywhere, Microsoft wanted to get Xbox and PC as close as possible, featuring things like cross-play, cross-save and cross-buy. This experiment isn’t working properly, but it seems Gears Of War 4 runs smoothly on PC.

Hardcoregamer analyzed both Gears Of War 4 versions on Xbox One and PC and the result is very interesting. At first they tried to run the game with maxed settings on a high level PC, as Gears Of War stayed between 60 and 120 fps, depending on the areas and the moments. Then they tried with 1440p and the game fell to the 40-80 fps slot. Finally they reached the 4K, seeing the game stay between 20-40 fps.

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Besides that, Gears Of War 4 looks exactly the same on both devices, with the PC version giving a more realistic portrait but nothing more.

However, a movie based on the Gears Of War series is currently in pre-production.

The Coalition recently talked about it and according to their words, it will tell a different story and won’t be based on the games plot, as the movie is a different medium with a very different audience. The final product will be the best Gears Of War movie possible.

Anyhow, if the Gears Of War 4 pre-load doesn’t work, here you can find 3 different solutions to make it work:

  • Enter the CMD and clear the cache by entering “wsreset”
  • Look for the game on the Xbox app, click “show in store” and download it from the Windows Store
  • Download the game from the library and cross your fingers

Gears Of War 4 is scheduled to release on October 11, 2016 for Xbox One and PC.