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Xbox IPs on Mobile Devices is Not Out of the Question, Spencer Sees it Happening

Microsoft has already made significant progress unifying Windows 10 and Xbox. Many of the company’s Xbox IPs have come to Windows 10 including Halo, Gears of War, Forza and more.

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But Microsoft doesn’t intend to stop here.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox IPs may come to Mobile Devices in the future. Spencer stated that he sees this happening in the future. Already there are some Xbox IPs that are available on mobile – Minecraft, Age of Empires etc.

We’ve had Age of Empires, other things show up. I think we did Viva Pinata on the DS. You’ve seen us do things on those other platforms. The thing that has been a barrier to us in the past is the fact that we didn’t have Xbox Live on those platforms, which we do now.

Spencer went on to say that Xbox Live is what unites all Xbox IPs.

Without Xbox Live on those platforms we end up shipping these games kind of into a vacuum. Meaning that we ship them but when you play it you’re not connected back to the community of friends and the achievements and other things that you have with Xbox Live. So now that we’ve launched Xbox Live on iOS and Android, we have millions of people that we see on those platforms connecting to Xbox Live that gives us a good basis to do more things there with our franchises. And I expect that we will, because we want to put the IP where people want to play.

Microsoft is trying to generate a community spreads across many different platforms but all under one roof, Xbox Live.

Source: GameSpot