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Steam Trade API May Shut Down, Gambling Commision Warns Valve

Steam trade API client may shut down if Valve doesn’t come with a way to stop facilitating gambling through its platform. Washington State Gambling Commission has issued a direct order to Valve Corporation to take any steps necessary to make sure Steam is not used for gambling activities.

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Almost 3 months ago, Valve issued a cease and desist order to many third party gambling websites including CS GO Lounge. The website was handling around $1 billion worth of skins for gambling between January and August just this year.

These websites use Steam accounts and items to gamble and on many occasions lure minors in. Washington State Gambling Commissioner Chris Stearns said:

In Washington, and everywhere else in the United States, skins betting on esports remains a large, unregulated
black market for gambling. And that carries great risk for the players who remain wholly unprotected in an unregulated environment. We are also required to pay attention to and investigate the risk of underage gambling which is especially heightened in the esports world.

It is our sincere hope that Valve will not only comply but also take proactive steps to work with the Commission on future measures that will benefit the public and protect consumers.

The only way we can see that could completely flesh out gambling is a shut down of Steam’s trade API. If Valve fails to comply by October 14, the Gambling Commission will take action against all parties involved.

Source: Gambling Commission