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Phil Spencer: ReCore Was Intentionally Given “Harsh Reviews” To Boost Site Traffic

ReCore launched last month with a lukewarm reception from critics, mostly because of long loading times and some issues with the game. However, the developers did fixed it with a patch, but game’s reputation has not yet improved. Now Phil Spencer has shared what he thinks about the reviews for the game.

Speaking with Gamespot, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, discussed of what he thinks of console war and also talked about ReCore and the low scores it got. According to Spencer, he wished that the game would had been received better and also said that he thinks some reviews for the game were a “little harsh”.

He further said that reviewers intentionally gave ReCore a low score to increase the traffic for their own site. But at the same time he also said that reviews are not the reflection of the what a game really is, and the game is selling well, and gamers are seeing the game as a positive addition to their library and that what really matters.

He also revealed that when the game launched with lower reviews, many PlayStation fans Tweeted him about being happy that the game is not doing good.

When ReCore came out and there were some of the lower scores that were given, I would have PlayStation fans tweet me, happy that ReCore wasn’t getting great review scores from some outlets.

While the game does have some issues, but developers are constantly working to fish them out through updates, and recently the developers released a patch for ReCore which is 5 GB is size to make the gameplay experience much smoother.

Also Joseph Staten, Senior Creative Director has announced a free trial version of ReCore for Xbox One and Windows 10. The free trial version of the game features 30 minutes of game time.

Once players have used up that time they will be able to continue from where they left the trial if they decide to buy it and all achievements and progress will be tracked.

ReCore is an action adventure game developed by Armature Studio for PC and Xbox One.