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New Mafia 3 Details Released, Shows Driving, Abilities, Mechanics

New Mafia 3 details have been released by 2K developer Hangar 13, giving us a bit more information on the city of New Bordeaux. As you play as Lincoln Clay, the city’s newest up-and-coming crime boss, Hangar 13 has given us a few ideas of what to expect from the game and the city itself.

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First off, as everyone knows, Lincoln is going to have three underbosses to him that he can put in charge of various districts. Each boss will not only be an important part of the gang, but will also be used to do various things for Lincoln during gameplay.

Vito, your Italian mobster, will be able to call in hit squads to back you up in fights, along with upgrading your health and adrenaline shots. Cassandra will run guns, keep track of the police for you, and more. Burk, your Irish mobster, will deliver a brand new car to you wherever and whenever you want it.

The Mafia 3 details also go into how the driving in the game is. There are actually going to be two different ways of driving: the arcade mode, which has easier mechanics and the ability to drift easier, no suspension, and whatnot. There’s also a more “realistic” mode that works like you’d actually be driving a real car, such as spinning out if you try and floor the gas from a stop.

Ragdoll physics and destruction mechanics are also available, so things will crumple like tinfoil when you drive through them or into them, and enemies will ragdoll when dying and react individually to each landed bullet.

There’s also one other set of Mafia 3 details that’s rather less fun: the accuracy of the 1960s. Players, playing as a black man, will have to deal with things like cops tailing you, people yelling slurs to you in the street, and shops not wanting you inside on account of your skin color.

To see all the rest of these details, take a look at this Reddit post on the Mafia 3 subreddit.