Hitman Season One Is Just The Beginning Of The Story, Writer Says

Developers at IO Interactive have already confirmed that they have planned three seasons for Hitman, and with the Hitman season one coming to an end, the developers are opening about what could be expected from the next season.

Speaking with GameSpot, lead writer Michael Vogt discussed the story of Hitman season one and also said that the season one is just the beginning. He said that with Hitman he wanted to create some memorable characters and targets that would survive in the game universe for longer period unlike previous Hitman games.

We wanted to do a really ambitious story line that would span several seasons and also build this ensemble cast. In the old games, the targets were always the most interesting characters, but then you’d just kill them off instantly and move on to the next one. And now we wanted to build a much bigger main cast that will survive for much longer.

He further explained that the story in season one is just the beginning, and it was there so that players could know what is happening and what are the stakes.

The story’s really only beginning [with the first season]. Season 1 is the first act in a feature film. You know all the characters, you know the stakes, you know the dilemma, but it’s only getting started.

He also said that at the end of Season 1, the story will be “blown wide open”, but that does not mean that players won’t get any closure to the story of the Hitman season 1.

Story in Hitman season 1 feels like a background decoration as not much attention is given to it during the game compared to the gameplay. When asked about it Vogt explained that it was due to the fact that IO Interactive wanted “at least the first half of Season 1 to feel like business as usual”.

IO Interactive have also announced the physical version for Hitman season one, Hitman: Steelbook Edition. The physical version will release on January 31, 2017, and will contain all episodes from season one.