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Gears of War 4 Review Roundup – Painstakingly Crafted Masterpiece

Gears of War 4 will be out in just a few days but if you are still having trouble deciding whether or not the game’s worth it, critics can surely help you out.

Gears of War Review Embargo is lifted which means critics are free to share their reviews. It looks like critics love the new Gears game. The Coalition has done an excellent job crafting a masterpiece.

Developers have made sure they don’t mess around with the game’s core formula. You know how they say “if ain’t broken, don’t fit?” This is exactly what’s been done with Gears 4. Its core is classic gears while layers of added features help enhance everything that was great about previous games.

Gears of War 4 Review Roundup

EGM – 90

Gears of War 4 looked at the series’ core formula and figured that if it wasn’t broken, don’t fix it. Most of the additions The Coalition put onto that core simply helped enhance and refine something that was already great. A couple of missteps were made, but this is still a great overall entry in the franchise.

Gamesbeat – 87

A very well-executed, bug-free game with awesome technical effects. The single-player campaign is on the short side at nine hours, but it gives you everything that you want and expect in a Gears of War game. The Coalition does a decent job walking the tightrope of providing something that fans want and giving them something different at the same time. The Horde mode has taken the co-op play in a very good direction, and I expect that fans are going to enjoy multiplayer quite a bit as well. If I had to pick one flaw, it’s that this game has too wide a range, with a lot of humor and a lot of terror all at once.

Destructoid – 80

This was a fine first showing but it’d be nice to see The Coalition carve its own identity for Gears of War. Using Epic’s foundation is understandable and expected, but it often feels like a crutch. Marcus’ boy had grown up just like him.

GamesRadar+ – 80

Gears of War 4 is a focused, confident exercise in how to relaunch a franchise. As effective as a direct sequel as it is a soft-reboot, it’s a game crafted of thought, wisdom, and objective calculation blended with a real passion for finding the fun. It may err slightly on the safe side in its campaign, but it does so understandably, in order to strip the series back to what matters, and re-evolve it with a carefully considered outlook.

The Jimquisition – 70

The campaign is flimsy, and despite claims of signifying a new generation for the series, Gears of War 4 is ultimately an upholder of the status quo.

Polygon – 90

When I was finished with Gears of War 4’s campaign, I remember wondering why it didn’t do more. The next morning, I was playing the game again, not out of obligation, but because I wanted to. Taken all together, Gears of War 4 doesn’t completely reinvent the genre, and it’s not always “bigger.” But it’s a remarkably consistent, complete package with the kind of refinement and focus few other games can manage, providing excellent solo, cooperative, and competitive options that rank it as one of the best action games of 2016.

GameSpot – 70

Gears of War 4 makes the best of the franchise’s multiplayer modes, but delivers a lackluster campaign in the process.

Gears of War 4 is releasing on October 11 for Xbox One and Windows 10.