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For Honor Split Screen Dropped From Game For Polish Reasons

Back when For Honor was first announced by Ubisoft Montreal, one of the game’s touted features was a split screen option for local multiplayer. However, Ubisoft Montreal announced just today that For Honor split screen would not be happening, and that the feature was cancelled for purposes of polishing the game.

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Producer Stephen Cardin said in a taped interview with IGN that the decision to drop split screen in the game was a decision made only recently. According to Cardin, the reason behind it was that, despite For Honor split screen being something that the dev team really wanted, the work that would have had to be put into it would have taken up too much time to polish the rest of the game to triple-A standards.

For Honor is supposed to be released next year on February 14 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. While the lack of For Honor split screen will keep players from being able to play locally with their friends in games, For Honor players will still be able to play with their friends in the game’s online play component.

For Honor has been one of the most-anticipated games in the past two E3s, especially given the gameplay and world that Ubisoft Montreal has created (along with the game’s creative director, Jason Vandenberghe, being one of the manliest and most awesome men in the conference). The sheer scale of awesomeness brought up by Vikings, Samurai, and Knights all fighting one another also helps pretty well.

For Honor’s been getting a number of trailers and demos released for it as its release date gets closer and closer, including at least two story missions along with an alpha and beta that will be taking place in the next few months, so hopefully when it comes out in February the lack of split screen gameplay won’t be very noticeable.