Watch Emily And Corvo Making “Daring Escapes” In This New Dishonored 2 Trailer

With just over a month remaining before Dishonored 2 will be available for all platforms, fans are excited to see what Arkane Studios will offer in this sequel to the critically acclaimed Dishonored. Now the developers has released a new Dishonored 2 trailer.

The trailer showcases the different powers of Emily and Corvo which players will be able to use during gameplay. The trailer is titles “Daring Escapes”, and showcases that how players can manipulate both Emily’s and Corvo’s powers to escapes their pursuers.

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Dishonored 2 trailer first showcases how Emily can escape a tightly guarded area where enemies are looking for her as she manipulates her powers to escape. Emily is shown in the trailer using Dark Vision, Shadow Walk, Doppleganger, and Mesmerize along with other abilities dispatch of her enemies.

Corvo on the other hand is shown using his powers to manipulate or posses its victims to disarm their defences and use his Blink ability to quickly escape danger.

While the game will be launched in just over a month, naturally many are speculating that after the game’s launch Arkane Studios will focus to develop Dishonored 3. However, Harvey Smith, co-creative director of Arkane Studios, revealed that the studio has no plans to develop Dishonored 3.

He explained that with the first Dishonored, he grew a bit sick of it, but the idea for the sequel involving Emily changed his perception, but as for the Dishonored 3 he is quite unsure of it.

Also the developers have revealed the achievement list for Dishonored 2, however, in doing so they have slip up some spoilers, so be careful while reading the the list.

Dishonored 2 is an stealth action adventure game in-development at Arkane Studios, and the game is scheduled to launch on November 11, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.