Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan Talks About Upcoming Overwatch Content

The folks at Destructoid sat down with Overwatch game developer Jeff Kaplan about the upcoming Overwatch content that we can be expecting in the near future, including new heroes, new maps, and some more hero adjustments, mainly focusing on the support character Symmetra. The tweaks are supposed to come sometime around mid-November.

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Firstly, we have the Symmetra adjustments. While Kaplan didn’t really say what all would be in store for players that like to use her, he did say that it’ll be an adjustment of her core mechanics, and the adjustments are coming because at the moment she’s a highly situational hero.

Symmetra’s main role is to set up turrets and teleporters to create choke points and create ways for other players to get to the main fighting fast, but other than that she seems somewhat useless.

Next, some pieces of upcoming Overwatch content are more heroes and maps. While Ana came out earlier this year, increasing hints by Blizzard point towards us getting another hacker hero in the near future. This is likely going to be Sombra, though for now we know almost nothing about her other than she’s a hacker.
Kaplan has also said that a number of maps are also in the works, with one very far along and a few others that might be heralding new game modes.

A previous new map was the German Eichenwalde map, which took place around a small castle that had been the site of a battle during the Omnic Crisis where Reinhardt’s Crusader knights had been involved.

The rest of the interview is from a 14-minute long video, so if you’re wanting to learn more about the upcoming Overwatch content that’ll be coming in November, you can take a look at the top of the screen to watch the video for yourself.