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Watch Dogs 2 Story Video Shows Motivations For Main Characters

A new Watch Dogs 2 story video, the third in the “Remote Access” series introducing us to the characters and plot of Watch Dogs 2, has been released, showing us what the general outline of the game’s plot will be. While mostly a retread of the previous Remote Accesses, it still introduces us to a number of new characters.

To start off with, we’re once again shown Marcus Holloway, the protagonist of the Watch Dogs 2 story. Labelled as the culprit of a crime that he didn’t commit, Marcus joins the hacker group DedSec not only to clear his name, but to bring down the cabal of corporations that controls the ctOS network, the security system that monitors the lives of people all over America.

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In the Watch Dogs 2 story, the objective of Marcus’s little group of DedSec hackers is to prevent ctOS from being used and abused to label people with such terms as “high risk”, and to keep it from being used by big money groups, mega-corporations, and corrupt politicians in order to get dirt on their opponents or keep dirt from being dug up on themselves.

Some examples of this would be in a video that was released yesterday, which showed off Marcus infiltrating what looked like a religious cult to get access to the four ancient Sumerian tablets that the cult has hidden in their basement.

We also got another example at the game’s E3 debut, where we saw Marcus infiltrating a politician’s campaign headquarters to upload a virus and hack into their own information system.

Exactly how the Watch Dogs 2 story will turn out (this is both a bit bigger and a bit smaller than the first game, where Aiden Pierce wanted to take down the mob boss responsible for murdering his niece) we don’t know yet, but we’ll just have to see when Watch Dogs 2 comes out this November.