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Smite Patch 3.18 Brings Pokemon Trainer Skin With New Effects And Voice Pack

Hi-Rex Studios has released Smite patch 3.18 for its free-to-play multiplayer battle arena game. While the patch does not bring any gameplay changes to the game, but it does brings a lot of bug fixes, skins, achievements and much more.

However, the highlight of Smite patch 3.18 is the new God Skins that will be added to the game. These skins include Fire Lord Ne Zha, Monster Trainer Erlang Shen and Clockwork Knight Ao Kuang. The most interesting thing about the skins is the Monster Trainer Erlang Shen which is an obvious reference to Pokemon, as it is Pokemon trainer-style look.

Smite patch 3.18

This skin comes with new abilities and voice pack, in which the character talks about going on an adventure.

Smite patch also brings some fixes for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, like fixing issues with the purchasing of voice packs.

  • Fixed an issue with Voice Pack purchases after trading in Assault
  • Fixed “Unpause” countdown UI not displaying
  • Fixed text not displaying when players are targeted by towers/phoenixes
  • Fixed announcements not playing when enemies or allies leave or return to the game
  • Fixed announcements not playing when towers/phoenixes were destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where The Odyssey loading frame Gem was not lighting up on connection
  • Fixed Erlang Shen’s hand clipping through his staff when walking
  • Fixed an issue where Odyssey points were not displaying on The Odyssey loading frame

While Hi-Rez Studios is currently supporting Smite with new content, Paladins is another game from the developers which is a free-to-play fantasy-themed first-person shooter, and is currently in development. The developers has also announced a closed beta for Paladins will also be organized soon.

Smite is a multiplayer battle arena game developed by Hi-Rez Studio for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.