Report: Sean Murray May Explain What Happened to No Man’s Sky Later this Month

Sean Murray and Hello Games released their space exploration game, No Man’s Sky, back in August. The game was not what we were told from the beginning.

Sean over promised and some feel that the platform we gave him to launch the game was a little too big for the studio.

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After the release of No Man’s Sky, it all went down under. Overwhelming refund claims and user reviews caused Hello Games to actually go into hiding. Meanwhile, the game is being investigated for false advertising in the U.K.

Murray is the face of Hello Games and he needs to come out and discuss what happened. The studio has not released an official statement so far but Sean Murray may come forward to explain the situation later this month.

According to Geoff Keighley, Sean Murray is open to appearing on his new YouTube Gaming Show later in October. If Sean shows up, we will finally know where things went wrong and what they plan to do next.

During Live With YouTube Gaming, Keighley said:

I don’t think No Man’s Sky is a bad game. It’s just unfinished and repetitive because let’s face it, games are crafted by skilled story-tellers and big teams. Math can’t always create meaning.

We all wanted to believe in No Man’s Sky and Sean did too – so much that he was never able to build up the gumption to rip off that band-aid and reveal what was and wasn’t in the game … maybe the platform we gave him to launch the game was too big and created this black hole that he couldn’t pull himself out of.

We hope to hear from Hello Games soon, fans are ready to offer constructive feedback to help the studio make No Man’s Sky shine.