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Rocket League Aquadome Update Released For Free For All Players

The free Rocket League Aquadome update has finally been released for all Rocket League players, allowing everyone to download the new Aquadome arena for free. The arena, located under the ocean, is a bit of a different environment to what players in Rocket League might be used to.

The update, in addition to the new arena, also includes a number of different customization options, not only for existing cars but also two brand new cars based on submarines. The two cars, called Proteus and Triton, will each be available for two dollars each.

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The Rocket League Aquadome update had previously been announced several weeks ago when a trailer for the update was released, and now the expansion has been fully released. In addition to the new Aquadome arena, updated versions of the Cosmic and Octagon arenas are also now available and in the Rocket Labs playlist.

In addition to a pair of new cars and a new arena, the update and patch 1.24 has also gotten three new antennas (Harpoon, Trident, and Starfish), twelve decals, one community flag, and a ton of other cosmetic decorations for players to put on their cars including things like engine trails.

Along with all of the customizations that came with the Rocket League Aquadome update, the patch has also given Rocket League seven new achievements related to the Aquadome, some visual upgrades and balance changes, and at least two bug fixes.

If you’re a Rocket League player, all you have to do is load up the game and allow it to update, and you’ll be able to play on the new Aquadome stadium. While you’ll have to spend around five dollars if you want the Proteus and Triton cars, you’ll also be able to get a lot of other cosmetic updates simply by playing matches in the game.