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5GB ReCore Update Released To Fix Load Times And Other Issues

Armature Studio and Comcept have released another ReCore update, mostly to fix load times as they promised earlier. The October update for the game is a major one, weighing in at around 5GB to make the gameplay experience smoother.

While the official game website doesn’t go into too much detail regarding the new ReCore update, it does note that after the patch, players should see noticeable improvement in load times on Xbox One, Xbox One S and Windows 10. Previously players reported that in some areas, the load times were as high as 2 minutes.

Besides the loading time fix, the update also has other audio and visual improvements alongside bug and glitch fixes. Other issues regarding achievements, checkpoints, collisions and respawn points have also been fixed.

Before downloading the update, or the game, it is however advised to first fully update Windows 10 if someone is playing the game on their PC. Microsoft recently released an update to fix many download issues that were plaguing Windows Store.

Players should ensure that their version of Windows 10 is updated to Build 14393.222 (KB3194496) by typing “Winver” in the Run command box or going to the Updates page and either checking the update history or clicking on the Check for Updates button.

Another Xbox One targeted ReCore update was released shortly after the game launched last month to fix the load times and while it did help, the problem was far from being fully resolved.

Hopefully, the new update fares better and it doesn’t become a chore to even launch the game and load a map.

ReCore released last month on Xbox One and Windows 10 to mediocre reviews despite being made by the same people who created amazing games like Mega Man and Metroid Prime. Most of the criticism which the game received was due to its extremely grindy nature, especially in the later areas.