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PSVR Processing Unit Disables HDR Functionality of PS4

At PlayStation Experience last month, Sony took to stage to announce its PlayStation 4 Pro console; a machine that is capable of 4K gaming and HDR.

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Along with its announcement, the company also revealed that an update will be released that will add HDR support to every single PS4 unit out there.

Later this month, Sony is releasing PSVR and it comes with its own separate processing unit. Now, according to the FAQ page, PSVR processing unit disables PS4’s HDR feature.

In order to use HDR, players will need to unplug PSVR Processing unit.

The PS VR Processor Unit (PU) supports video pass through so that you can enjoy regular non-VR content on your TV when you have the PS4 connected to the TV via the PU and the PU is connected to power via the AC adapter and the PS VR headset is not in use. This pass-through support works for regular 1080p signals and also supports 2160p (UHD or ‘4K’) content in YUV 420 color format at up to 60 Hz from a PlayStation Pro.

However, HDR signals are not supported for pass through by the PU. This applies to both 1080p and 2160p HDR. If you have a HDR capable TV and want to view PS4 content in HDR, it is necessary to cable the PS4 directly to the TV

PlayStation VR is releasing on October 13 for $399. Pre-orders for the device are now live across the globe.