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(Update) No Man’s Sky Subreddit Closed After Becoming “a Hate Filled Wastehole “

Update: The subreddit has restarted under new leadership.

Original Story: Things just keep getting worse for No Man’s Sky, don’t they? The studio is under investigation for false advertising, most of the community asked for a refund, and it has an overwhelming amount of negative reviews on Steam.

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Now, No Man’s Sky Subreddit has been shut down and the community of 150,000 subscribers would now need to find some place else to discuss how HG did them wrong. Moderator “r0ugew0lf” explained why he had to shut it down in a post on Reddit.

So I purged the subreddit. It’s become a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion. It’s not what we intended it to be and I don’t like providing a platform for hate. I’m sorry to everyone who used the subreddit as intended but you are now in the majority. I’m sure you can find a different place to discuss this game. It’s not hard.
This was my decision and mine alone. The other moderators tried to sway my opinion but cynicism got the best of me as usual.

No Man’s Sky subreddit was a way for the community to stay up to date with the latest information and discussions. However, the subreddit saw an overwhelming number of posts by disgruntled No Man’s Sky players who were upset at the lack of updates from Hello Games and Sean Murray, the face of the company.

In fact, such complaints and discussions dominated the entire No Man’s Sky Subreddit since release. “r0ugew0lf” also complained about the lack of moderator support later on.

Is it possible to get more moderator support? We’ve been out here basically on our own dealing with a toxic community with little support from the admin’s side. Moderator tools were always put on standstill after advertisements and AMAs. We’ve been waiting for a legitimate modmail overhall [sic] for longer than I’ve been a moderator, and we’re only just now getting a beta that is very exclusive.

Moderators seem to be a second thought behind making money here on this platform. I feel as if there could be much better support for your first line of defense against and general hate. Lately it feels as if Reddit is more about the publicity and adverting [sic]

No Man’s Sky developers need to respond and explain what happened. Not breaking radio silence will only make matter worse. They need to gain our trust back so we can start helping the studio make No Man’s Sky a better game. hat can not move forward without Sean Murray and Hello Games coming out and explaining themselves, possibly apologizing to the community.

But the process can not move forward without Sean Murray and Hello Games coming out and explaining themselves, possibly apologizing to the community.

Hello Games need to come out of hiding!