Juvie In Gears Of War 4 Mimics Pro Players To Prepare Gamers For Multiplayer

Gears Of War games are known for their strong storytelling, but the multiplayer component for the series is just as popular and well balanced.

Usually, the singleplayer campaigns for games do not really help players to prepare for the multiplayer but The Coalition has confirmed that there is a certain Gears Of War 4 enemy in the campaign that will prepare them for the multiplayer.

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Speaking with Press-Start, The Coalition’s Creative Director, Chuck Osieja, revealed that the developers intentionally built a certain Gears Of War 4 enemy that mimics the actions of pro-players throughout the whole campaign.

We have a new enemy called the Juvie which is a new enemy in the game that’s actually designed to mimic pro players in the campaign.

He also explained that the reason for this type of enemy in Gears of War 4 campaign is to prepare players for the multiplayer.

What happens is that most people will play the campaign and then go into the multiplayer, but they can’t handle players who wall-bounce. So with the Juvies, we actually created something that mimics how pro players wall-bounce through the environment so that you’re already getting trained in the campaign, so that when you get into multiplayer, you’re actually more competent because you’re already used to tracking enemies that move around the map.

Gears Of War 4 has already gone gold, and while the game releases in the second week of October, and the early access for the game will start from 7 October, there are some who are already playing the game. Recently, Neil Druckmann posted a picture on his official Twitter account, in which he not only showed that he own a Xbox One S but also he is playing Gears Of War 4.

Gears Of War 4 is scheduled to arrive on October 11, 2016, exclusively for PC and Xbox One.