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First Monthly Forza Horizon 3 DLC Pack Adds 7 New Cars

The first monthly Forza Horizon 3 DLC pack, titled The Smoking Tire Car Pack is available for download now on both the Xbox One and PC version of the game.

The addon to Playground Games’s highly acclaimed racer comes hot on the heels of the game’s October update, the first major patch release since its launch on 27th September.

The Smoking Tire Car Pack is the first of the total six car packs that will be released as Forza Horizon 3 DLC pack, apart from the two expansions. The DLC adds 7 new cars to the game which means a total of 42 new cars will be added after all the car packs are released by March 2017.

According to Microsoft, all the cars included in the Smoking Tire Car Pack are new to the entire Forza franchise which means they haven’t been seen before in any Forza game, whether its Horizon or Motorsport.

The vehicles included in the pack are:

  • 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan
  • 2000 Lotus 340R
  • 2016 Pagani Huayra BC
  • 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
  • 2016 GTA Spano
  • 2016 BMW M2 Coupé
  • 1976 Jeep CJ5 Renegade

Forza Horizon 3 fans can get their hands on these cars by purchase the Smoking Tire Car Pack for $7 or buying the $30 Car Pass which will grant them access to all the future Forza Horizon 3 DLC pack. The Car Pass is also included in the Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition.

The Car Pass should not be confused with the $35 Expansion Pass which will grant players just two major expansions planned for the game and content related to those and none of the content from these smaller DLC packs.

While the October update seems to focus on all aspects of the game, including the monthly car pack and improvements for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 version of the game, it seems like developers paid special attention to the PC version as there are numerous stability and performance fixes included in the patch.