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Clash of Clans October Update Brings New Levels and Balancing

Clash of Clans October update has been detailed by Supercell. It is a sizeable update that brings new levels and plenty of balancing changes to the mix.

In an extensive post on its official website, Supercell has shared the following details.

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Clash of Clans October Update

NEW: Wizard level 7 (TH 10)

  • Wizard level 6 hitpoints and damage slightly increased
  • Wizard level 6 available at Town Hall level 9 (was 10)

NEW: Hidden Tesla level 9 (TH 11)

  • REMOVED: Hidden Teslas no longer deal 2x damage to P.E.K.K.A

NEW: Baby Dragon level 5 (TH 11)

  • Baby Dragon level 4 available at Town Hall 10 (was 11)

NEW: Mortar level 10 (TH 11)

  • Mortar level 8-9 damage increased
  • Skeleton Spells spawn MUCH more Skeletons, but over a longer time
  • Cloned troops from Clone Spells can stay much longer on the battlefield
  • Bowler hitpoints slightly decreased

Other NEW Town Hall 11 upgrades:

  • Dragon level 6
  • X-Bow level 5
  • 25 additional Wall pieces

Upgrade Discounts (time and/or cost):

  • Wizard 6
  • Dragon 3-5
  • Baby Dragon (all levels)
  • Cannon 12-13
  • Archer Tower 11-13
  • Mortar 8-9
  • Wizard Tower 7-8
  • Hidden Tesla 5-8
  • X-Bow 2-4

Clan Wars balancing:

  • Earn a partial War Win Bonus even when failing an attack
  • War Win Bonus is no longer reduced when attacking lower Town Hall levels
  • Tougher targets in war are worth more Clan XP, to a max of 10XP!

Clash of Clans developers will keep us updated on any future changes and improvements.