Beyond Good And Evil 2 Confirmed To Be In Pre-Production, Sort Of !

Back in 2008, Beyond Good And Evil 2 was announced, however, since then it has never been confirmed that the game is in development or cancelled.

With recent teasers from Creator Michel Ancel, who has been posting concept art for the game, the light of hope once again rose inside the community.

Recently, Michel Ancel has been posting some concept arts on his Instagram account, with some shady descriptions. Now Michel has posted yet another concept art on his Instagram account, which features a humanoid rhino, and seems to be the same species as brothers that ran Mammago Garage in the original Beyond Good & Evil.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

That is not all, Michel also delivered a good news with the concept art in the description. The artist confirmed that the game has gone into pre-production.

Endangered species now saved. Game in pre-production. Stay tuned!

Previously, Ancel posted a concept art featuring a bearded man with a pig on his back. Since the reveal of the image fans have been speculating that the pig could very well be the younger version of Pey’J. However, this is just a theory and it could be a completely new character, as for the bearded man, if the pig is the younger version of Pey’J, then he could be the Jade’s father.

The game is allegedly funded by Nintendo and will release for Nintendo NX. There have been rumors of a soon to be held Nintendo Direct where the company will discuss its next-gen gaming platform. Of course, many games are expected to be shown during the event as well.

During E3 2016, Ubisoft CEO confirmed that Ancel is indeed working on Beyond Good And Evil 2, but he could not say when the game will be revealed. Also back in April, Ubisoft filed a trademark for the game, but the company did not revealed much after that.

So are you excited for the Beyond Good And Evil 2? Let us know in the comments.