30 Minute ReCore Free Trial Available Now On Xbox One And Windows 10

Joseph Staten, Senior Creative Director of the game has just announced a ReCore free trial version, available to download right now on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Joseph made the announcement a short while ago confirming that the ReCore free trial version is now available to download on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC for players to try out before they decide whether they want to buy the game or not.

The free trial version of the game features 30 minutes of game time. Once players have used up that time, if they decide to purchase the game on any of the two platforms, they will be able to continue from where they left the trial and all achievements and progress is tracked.

Armature Studio and Comcept, the developers behind the game, also released a significant patch today to improve load times on all platforms as well as various fixes and audio/visual improvements.

Given the lukewarm reception to ReCore’s launch last month, with many technical and gameplay issues preventing it from being a great game, it isn’t really a surprise that a ReCore free trial version is announced so soon after launch in order to attract more customers.

The lack of any Steam release combined with mediocre reviews meant the game probably didn’t sell as many units as Microsoft had hoped it would so this might be an effort by them to see if more people would be willing to buy the game after trying out the trial version.

Unfortunately, given the condition of Windows Store, particularly when it comes to downloading huge games, many PC gamers are willing to skip out on games instead of going through all the hassle of downloading from Microsoft’s own virtual store.

Perhaps the situation would be different if the game got a release on Steam similar to what happened to Remedy’s Quantum Break which launched on Windows Store back in April and then a Steam version followed in September.