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Players Cancelled Titanfall 2 Pre-Orders Because Of The Producer Praising PS4 Version

You never know what may happen when posting things on the net. Some could agree with you and share your thoughts, other people could get angry instead and virtually hit you with a punch. Well, this is what happened to Titanfall 2 producer, Drew McCoy, when he claimed that the game disc looks better in a “blue suit”. This statement quickly made Xbox fans go mad as some of them even cancelled Titanfall 2 pre-orders because of this “insult”.

Of course the producer could have been smarter, explaining his thoughts in some other ways or even not explaining them at all. People who surf the web are very susceptible and everything they see is black or white, there’s no space for shades.

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Anyway he didn’t expressly said to prefer the PlayStation 4 version over the Xbox One version. The Xbox One version is even yet to receive its label, so McCoy’s statement can’t be even taken into account as a design preference.

Was that a provocation? Was that a joke? We’ll never know, but people should have behaved better since it’s absurd that players cancelled Titanfall 2 pre-orders because of this thing.

However, even if Titanfall 2 will be released for multiple consoles there will be no cross-platform.

As a dev claimed on a Reddit post, there are outside forces keeping the game from being implemented with the cross-platform feature. Anyhow Rocket League is one step closer to the cross-platform, since Xbox One and PC players can already play together and everyone is only waiting for Sony’s approval to make this thing a big deal.

Titanfall 2 is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 28, 2016.