Shadow Warrior 2 PC Port To Feature Host Of Optimization Options And No DRM

With the game just 10 days away from release, steam user TheDisableBore has compiled a full list of optimization related features promised by the developers for Shadow Warrior 2 PC port. The entire list, which can be viewed here, includes not only confirmed features but also those which the developers might add in the future.

People who hate DRMs and believe Denuvo kills game performance will be happy to learn that developers Flying Wild Hog have confirmed that the Shadow Warrior 2 PC port will not have Denuvo or any other DRM.

While this may make it easier for pirates to play the game, it seems like the developers are more interested in players enjoying the game instead of making sales which is a refreshing thing to see these days.

Flying Wild Hog have also confirmed that Shadow Warrior 2 PC port will run at an uncapped frame rate with choice for variable refresh rates. The game will also feature crossplay with those who purchased on GOG. A GTX 970 should be able to deliver 60fps at 1080p Ultra settings.

The game will also host numerous other visual enhancement features such as Temporal AA and SSAA, Resolution Scale slider, motion blur, DOF and texture quality. Players will need 4GB VRAM for Ultra quality textures.

When it comes to the UI, the HUD will be fully customizable with the option to turn off health bars and damage numbers. Players can also modify their FOV to take full advantage of the 21:9 ultrawide support. All keymappings and crosshair are also customizable.

Some of the possible features coming to the game in the future include DX12 and Vulkan API support, in-game cheats and skins as purchasable DLC.

Shadow Warrior 2, the first person hack n slash/shooter is scheduled to be released on 13th October for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Mac and Linux versions of the game are also in work and will be released in the future.