No Man’s Sky Developers Need to Respond and Communicate, Will They Ever?

Update: No Man’s Sky Subreddit has shut down due to overwhelming criticism for Hello Games.

No Man’s Sky from Hello Games has been at the center of controversy ever since it released. No Man’s Sky is one of those games that promised so much but delivered much less. Sean Murray from Hello Games outright lied about multiplayer among other features for years.

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Before the release of No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray appeared in different TV interviews and posted lots of stuff on his Twitter page. He communicated with fans and as we now know, that communication should have been handled by a PR team.

No Man’s Sky and Hello Games is under investigation for false marketing which means the studio is in deep trouble. All communication lines from the developer have gone dark.

Twitter account of Sean Murray that was regularly updated has been silent for a while now. The only time we heard from Hello Games is when it released a patch recently that fixed minor bugs and issues.

However, nothing was addressed by Sean Murray regarding the refund claims, premium price for an unfinished indie game and false marketing controversy.

Hello Games need to communicate with their fans and address the problems. They need to break radio silence or their future as game developers will be in jeopardy.

Hello Games need to rebuild its credibility among the community and going dark is not the way to do that. Hello Games need to explain why No Man’s Sky was different from what it said.

Why didn’t they describe the game as it is?

You will agree when I say that No Man’s Sky is not a broken game but rather a game that was expected to be different from what it actually is. And that was due to the claims and statements of Sean Murray.

Players had different expectations which is why a better part of the community was looking for refunds. Sean Murray and Hello Games owe us an explanation and now is the time to share their side of the story.