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New Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay Shows off Hacking, Infiltration

A new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video has shown off the various creative ways that Ubisoft Montreal has made it both more detailed and more fun to hack into the various systems across San Francisco in the upcoming open-world game. We see this as Marcus Holloway, the game’s main protagonist, infiltrates what appears to be a lawyer-safe version of Scientology.

Considering it’s California, where Scientology is actually headquartered, making a new phony religion that undoubtedly costs its “members” a great deal of money to go through is a stereotypical part of the California makeup. Grand Theft Auto 5 already did it with the Epsilon Program, so this is likely as close as Ubisoft can get from the notoriously lawsuit-happy Scientology folks.

In the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video we see, Marcus is infiltrating a temple for a religion known as “New Dawn”. We don’t really know much about them, but the temple is not only in a gated-off community, but also has numerous armed guards surrounding it. Considering what Marcus is there for (to expose that the group has four ancient Sumerian tablets hidden in its basement), the guards are probably a necessity.

In the video, Marcus utilizes his drones and hacking skills in a variety of ways, doing such things as laying traps for security (dealing out nonlethal shocks and lethal explosions), opening closed circuits to open sealed garage doors, and opening the temple’s internal networks in a very interesting-looking minigame.

Marcus is also able to turn a lot of the city’s factions against one another in the gameplay. In order to cause a distraction to get inside the building, Marcus notifies a gang, the Auntie Shu Boys, that he’s found what he claims is a traitor in their midst. This sparks off a gunfight, allowing Marcus to get in unnoticed.

The game doesn’t come out until November 15, but if all of the Watch Dogs 2 gameplay is like this, hopefully it’ll surpass the first game.