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Modern Warfare Remastered Bots Will Be Available For Private Matches

If you’re one of those kinds of first-person shooter players that likes to train by yourself, don’t worry. In Modern Warfare Remastered bots are going to be available so you can either flood your private multiplayer games with them, or fill out an enemy team if you’re in a private match with your friends.

Bots are often a staple of first-person shooter games, though since the arrival of online multiplayer they’ve sort of fallen by the wayside now that more and more people have access to services like Xbox Live or Playstation Network where you can just drop into a match with any random person you want.

The confirmation for Modern Warfare Remastered bots came from an official Twitter account from Raven Software dev Amos Hodge.

Hodge didn’t say how the bots would work, however, such as if there would be a difficulty setting for them (so that players aren’t just butchering them willy-nilly) or if you can equip them on your own, but hopefully you’ll be able to make them competent enough that they’ll actually be a challenge in the game.

Whether Infinite Warfare will also have bots (that is, automatic players, it’s already very likely that the game will have robots in it) remains to be seen, but it’s probably not going to happen unless we get an announcement from Infinity Ward.

There’s even the possibility that playing alone against a ton of Modern Warfare Remastered bots, allowing players to still have a hectic free-for-all match even though they’re the only people playing.

Considering how chaotic the game can get on a small enough map with enough players, hopefully the addition of bots will allow players without many others on their friends lists (or don’t want to deal with the dregs of the Call of Duty multiplayer community) to have fun experiences in the game’s multiplayer too.