Mafia 3 Radio Stations Detailed, Players Will Not Be Able To Pick Up Escorts

Mafia 3 is just a couple of days away from launch and developers have been revealing new details about the game. While recently, Hangar 13 revealed all the collectibles present in the game, including albums and Playboy magazines, this time the developers have revealed the Mafia 3 radio stations the prostitution rackets that Lincoln will be able to control.

Open world games need to feel authentic according to the time period they are set in, and Mafia 3 will not be coming up short for this specially in the music department. Speaking with Wewritethings, Haden Blackman, creative director and studio head at Hangar 13, detailed the Mafia 3 radio stations and the different types of music that will be available in the game.

We have three distinct radio stations in the game that each have their own playlists. Combined, they provide a very eclectic range of music from the late 1960s – we’ve got over 100 licensed tracks in the game altogether. I think that everything absolutely belongs to the setting, or helps us tell the story.

Mafia 3 will not only have licenced music, but will also feature original soundtrack, that would compliment the licenced music. Jesse Harlin and Jim Bonney are the ones working on Mafia 3 soundtrack.

Open world games tend to give players a lot of freedom in regard of what they want to do in the game while they are not focusing on the story. Mafia 3 will not be any different in this regard, but there is one area where players wont be able to do anything, and that is they won’t be able to pick up escorts.

Early on, we decided that everything Lincoln does either furthers his quest to take down the Italian mob or build up his own criminal family. So, while you can take over prostitution rackets in the city, Lincoln doesn’t have the time or desire to partake

Mafia will launch on October 7, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and while the game launch is just around the corner many gamers are expecting reviews for the game, but 2K has announced that review copies for Mafia 3 will not be sent out before launch.