Horizon Zero Dawn Side Activities And Diversions Detailed

Horizon Zero Dawn will take players to a post apocalyptic land, which has been reclaimed by nature, and while the world is beautiful, it is just as deadly. Like many other open world games, besides the main story there are a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn side activities, that players can take part in and discover some breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and earn some valuable upgrades.

Thanks to Gameinformer, who recently visited Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, we now know what side activities will be available in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Here we will discuss some of activities that players can take part in and spend some more time in the game.

However, the developers have assured that there are plenty more side activities which have not been revealed yet.

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Lets start with Corruption Zones, these are areas in the game’s world that are infested with hostile machines. Those players craving for a challenge could make their way to these areas to clear them out, and earn some more experience.

These areas in the game offer some if the biggest challenges in the game, combining a lot of machines to keep players on their edge of their seats.

Hunter Challenges is another great way for players to test their skills. In the city of Meridian, players will find a lodge for the elite hunters. But, players just can’t walk in there, as they have prove that they are worthy. So players would be required to successfully complete some task given by the representatives of the lodge. Players will be gaining experience and medals that will ensure their admittance in the lodge.

Hunter Challenges will show players different ways through which they can interact with machines, using different weapons at their disposal. However, hunting is no easy task because while you are hunting a machine there are many others present all over the area. So this makes it difficult to for player to use ropecaster and pin down a Glinthawks.

Spontaneous Quests will appear randomly in the game world and it is up to the player that he/she wants to help. Players could find an injured man along the way, and this would trigger the side quest to find a sacred spear for his daughter.

This spontaneous quests not only grant players XP, but along the quest players might find useful upgrades for their weapons.

So what do you think of Horizon Zero Dawn side activities? Let us know in the comments.