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(Update) Final Fantasy XV PlayStation Exclusive Mini-Game “Little Big Moogle” Teased?

Update: To our disappointment, this is not a Little Big Moodle game. According to Square Enix, Moogles will appear as “lucky items,” and act as lucky charms. These will help the players during crisis situations, how exactly?

Original Story: Final Fantasy XV PlayStation Exclusive mini game could be revealed Tomorrow, a new countdown timer has gone live!

Square Enix, the developer and publisher behind Final Fantasy series, ha launched a new website in Japan. The website is for the company’s upcoming RPG, Final Fantasy XV.

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The web-page hosts a countdown timer which will hit Zero Tomorrow. Of course, Square Enix hasn’t said anything related to what this is about but it looks like we may see the reveal of a mini game for Final Fantasy XV. Apparently, this game is about Moogle, a race that often appears in Final Fantasy series.

The web page shows a Moogle but it is not just any Moogle, it is a sack Moogle. The background design is similar to the art-style of Little Big Planet games.

You can see the image above which suggests that Square Enix is working on a Little Big Moogle game. Surely, if this is a thing then it would be a PlayStation Exclusive.

At the time of this writing, we still have 23 hours to go before we will know for sure what this teaser website is about.

As for the main game itself, it is releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox on November 29. The title has been in development for a decade and was delayed a number of times.

It was original going to release on September 30th, but was pushed to November as devs needed a little extra time with it.

Final Fantasy XV PlayStation Exclusive, Little Big Moogle, seems like a great idea. Would you be interested in playing such a game? Share what you think in the comments below.