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Digital Homicide Can No Longer Continue To Operate In The Wake Of Steam Removal

In the aftermath of the removal of the Digital Homicide developed games from Steam, the developer is facing very difficult time, and now the studio can’t continue to operate.

The games were removed from Steam after the developer had filed a lawsuit against 100 Steam users for harassment, and also launched a subpoena against Valve to reveal the identities of these Steam users.

According to Valve the reason they removed Digital Homicide games because they think the developer is “hostile to Steam users”.

According to James Romine, who owns the half of the Digital Homicide, the studio is destroyed and can’t continue to operate, he told TechRaptor.

“As far as digital homicide? It’s destroyed. It’s been stomped into the ground from a thousand directions and use is discontinued. I’m going back into the work force.

Now the developer has also filed to dismiss the lawsuit against the Steam users “due to financial reasons caused by the removal of our games”, and the developer has also filed to dismiss the lawsuit against Jim Sterlings too.

He further added that he believed the case against the Steam users was very solid, as they have solid evidence against the users who harassed him and his customers.

I believe the case was very solid. There were in excess of 140 false statements by the 11 steam users, tens of thousands of posts harassing myself and my customers, three direct interference with written contracts with third parties by steam users (some of which were competitors), and much more. A combined in excess of 25 reports were filed against the worst users of the 11 with no resolutions being found.

As for the games developed by Digital Homicide, they were no AAA games and their games were not that good either with plenty of bugs and issue that would certainly make players criticize the game.

Do you think Valve did the right thing to remove Digital Homicide games from Steam? Let us know in the comments.